Alice Ripley in the 2001 Revival Cast Recording of The Rocky Horror Show. 

Alice was in her prime here and she sounds absolutely amazing. Her belt is so strong and her mix towards the end of “Touch A Touch A Touch Me” is unbelievable. So great. What happened?

If you don’t have this Cast Recording go get it. You won’t regret it. Everyone on it is amazing.  

Wesley Taylor performing with the Skivvies.

(Source: christianyelich)

It’s slightly late and I’m bored. So I took a picture of me in underwear. 

Enjoy followers. 

What is it like to be attractive, cute, hot, pretty, or sexy in the world? 

Does it make you feel good about yourself? Or does it just give a fucking large head about yourself? 

Christopher Wood is so hot. I am very proud to say I’ve seen him naked in Spring Awakening 2nd row center. Oh his ass…. Isn’t he gorgeous? 

Look at Jakes butt! Hmmm sexy!

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