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So I’m planing my first video on belting.

I’ve wrote down a few questions I get and hear a lot about belting. Along with these do any of you have any questions I don’t have that I can try and answer in my video. Here are the questions I have so far…

  • What is support?
  • What does support feel like?
  • How do you or “we” know when we are supporting and engaging the correct muscles?
  • What muscles do we use to create a belt?
  • How do we support?
  • What are some exercises you can do to help support and also “find” support? 

Remember in my videos I’m taking it slow. Once again. I feel before you try to belt you first need to understand and realize what is going on in your body to create the sound. 

If you have any questions in the general area where I’m going with the first video, leave them in the comments or in a message. 

Also remember patience. I’m a busy guy. Working, in a show, and my voice is still really wonky and haven’t my ENT appointment yet. Ok. Cool. Thanks. 

What is it like to be attractive, cute, hot, pretty, or sexy in the world? 

Does it make you feel good about yourself? Or does it just give a fucking large head about yourself? 

WTF Questions

I have to wait an hour to ask/answer. Fuck that! This is bullshit! 

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