For once may I please sit next to someone who is polite and has some theatre etiquette?

Recently I’ve been sitting next to some winners when it comes to being polite or just having theatre etiquette.

Last night I had the brilliant chance to sit next to a very large man. He was probably mid 30s, about 6’3 and I’m guessing 350lbs. His mother was sitting behind him and kept talking to him throughout the show in some other language. Whenever she wasn’t talking to him he was picking and playing with his enormous beard. He picked things out of it and threw it on the floor… The whole show too our legs touched. I’m not the smallest dude (6’1”) but I at least try to be kind and not spread out. Let me just say he kept me warm.

Last week at the Bernadette Peters concert I had the opportunity to sit next to an older gentlemen who smoked a pack of cigarettes before the show. At intermission he smoked another half pack. I left feeling sick. I came home and my dad asked why I reeked of smoke and cigarettes…

For Wizard of Oz a few weeks ago my friend sat next me, but the ladies directly behind me were great. They thought when the music began no one could hear them talk. They held full conversations through songs.Every song they talked. For Act 2 I didn’t sit behind them. 

One of my favorited for this season was the grandma, mom, and children sitting next to me for Secondhand Lions. They thought the theatre is like the movie theatre I guess? I shit you not they walked in with their leftovers from the Cheesecake Factory. It took all about 2 minutes for the onions, french fries, and garlic to leak from their boxes into the air of the theatre. I smelled like a restaurant within 30 minutes. One of the kids during in the middle of the show opened the box of food and decided to eat it. Like really? 

Speaking of smelly things. For Sister Act my friend and I sat on the floor and I had a seat next to me open. During the second act I started to smell this dirty feet smell. Sure enough I turned my head and the lady behind me had her foot, her bare foot stretched out and resting on the chair arm on the open seat next to me. What? Who does that? 

There are more stories but those are the ones that stand out the most… Am I the only one who gets stuck sitting next to people like this? Or is this just what the theatre is coming too? I’m interested to hear you thoughts?

That moment when you walk into Starbucks (work) on your day off and someone comes up and stops you and asks you if you were in that show. Then they continue to talk to you and all you can do is say thank you and nod your head. Awkward but grateful and thankful. 

Tonight one of the barista that works at my store came in. She comes in and has this look on her face like she is in pain, or something just went horribly wrong. I ask her “What’s up?” She looks at me and pulls her coat off. She had just got a giant tattoo on her shoulder and there was blood everywhere. Literally running down her side into her pants. It looked like she survived a murder stabbing. Remember I don’t really like this girl… She started asking for help from other baristas. She looks at me almost crying. I couldn’t help it but I said “Hey, you did it to yourself. I don’t want to hear it.” I then continued to do my job. They had to take her to the back because costumers were slightly freaking. 

My barista trainer (Brandi) her brother is a Hollywood actor. He came in today while I was working/training. So far this job is amazing in all ways. I am so happy. 

Cough, cough, work, work, work, work, cough, sneeze, spit, work, cough, spit, sneeze, touch, work, cough. The costumers in my store are now are so disgusting and so sick. I’m holding my breath everywhere I go, and I inhale fresh cleaner air from the stock room. People are so gross. Ew.

I belted a high Bb and C tonight at rehearsal. I was just singing the score with everyone else and just belted it. Unexpectedly everyone just kinda stopped and looked at me. I just stood there and was like “What?”. All they said was “Wow that’s really high” I kindly said “Naaa that’s nothing guys. Lets keep going.” And then we kept singing. 

Now we just have the memories and thoughts. It’s done. It’s will be over soon. I really don’t understand people and their actions towards others. You’ve hurt me, and lied to me. I’m over you finally and have no feelings towards you. I’m done. We had some good times, but now those are over. Goodbye.

One thing I’m obsessed with Bravo. I watch pretty much every series they have. A couple weeks ago I started watching LOLWork. I had no idea either that LOLWork is based out of Seattle in Cheeseburger Offices. I kinda freaked out. Last night I was looking at the casts bio’s and what not. Turns out my favorite cast member is from my hometown. And being the creep I am I Facebooked half the staff. I have between 1-5 mutual friends with many of them. What the fuck? So small the world is. If you haven’t seen LOLWork yet please go watch it! It’s so funny! And you’ll see my favorite cast member. 

No fucking head voice. DO NOT FLIP. Do not. Is it that fucking hard not to flip? Honestly? 

Today has once again been shit.

I’m going to bed at 8:00.

Goodnight and fuck off. 

One thing I hate about going to see community shows or just whatever with theatre around here. People are so stuck-up I feel and they just think they’re fucking great. No. You’re not. I’ll comment and make a slight opinion on something and the next thing I know it. Boom. Getting bitched at for my opinion, because apparently I don’t know shit about theatre or singing. Well let me tell you something. I know quite a bit. I don’t think you’ve taken a master class with a Telsey Casting Director, nor do you have any training in belt from Broadway actors. I think not. Thank you. Ahh these bitches. If only they understood…. 

I’m like 17 away from 300 followers! WOW! I never thought I’d even come close to 200! Thank you so much guys! You ALL rock! Hope everyone is having a great night! C:


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