Belt Tips

So today is Wednesday which means I had a voice lesson. Each week this summer I’ve been learning so many new things, but I’ve also been remembering and re-learning old techniques what not. Here are some things I’d like to share with you guys. 

  • Onset. 

I think onset is over looked, or sometimes not looked over at all. For you wondering what onset is here is an example. When you talk and sing your vocal cords come together to create vibrations “sound”. The cords can come together in multiple ways: Correctly, with a glottal, forced, and so on. Example: When people hear the word Belt many think loud, pushed, forced, and so on. So naturally when an untrained singer tries to Belt it is often pushed and force. Those forced and pushed actions come back and play a huge part  in the actions of onset. To create a safe belt and or any type of singing you need to understand onset. In simplest terms when you take a breath to sing your vocal cords naturally open to allow the air to come in. Now, here is when things get tricky. You’ve taken your breath and you’re about to sing. Your vocal cords are coming together and about to vibrate. To get a healthy sound in anything the cords come together seamlessly with no air escaping before the cords close “vibration” and the sound is made. There is when things go bad. Because you can’t actually see your vocal cords coming together, and let alone feel them open and close (you can feel them if you have correct onset but we won’t get into that). As I was saying here is where most untrained singers get into trouble. I hear a lot of people start off with way too much air pressure. Too much air pressure causes the vocal cords to not fully come together “close”, and makes you work so much harder to get them close. In other terms that makes the cords get practically “smashed” together. Not good. Onset is basically the creating of the vocal cords coming together at right time, in sync with the right amount of air flowing “up” through the vocal cords. Sounds easy. Think again. Once you get the “idea” of this you will notice how little air you need to create a sound. I still struggle with onset, but I remind myself and work on it everyday. Tips on working with onset. Sing on the vowel “E” in a moderate easy note. Take a breath and think of your cords coming together. As you’re thinking of your cords coming together sing the vowel. Stop. Take another breath and try it again. I’ll post an audio so it makes more sense. 

  • I’m not sure what to call this one…

I might make a video. It’s about breath and the sternum. 

For now there’s that about onset. Questions message me!

Belting Video

I just wanted to let the people know that are waiting for my videos on belting they are coming soon. Yesterday I filmed a video on “Finding Your Belt”. I filmed it with my friend on her computer and need to get the videos off of her computer still… So stay calm and don’t worry. They are on their way! 


I was just standing in my room naked (like always) and I was really concentrating on my breathing when singing. I’ve never really paid attention it my mid back when breathing. In lessons Ann is always touching my back and feeling around my ribcage and back. And I’ve always known when supporting yourself your back should expand some with your diaphragm. Until tonight I didn’t realize how much my mid-back totally expands and almost my spine pops out due to how deep and how well I’m breathing and supporting myself. I’m not pushing it out at all. It naturally kinda pops out in the middle and stays that way until I totally release all my breath and am done singing/supporting. So cool. Lessoned learned. Your back should be engaged when belting. 

Today Marked One Year Since I Graduated High School

This past year has been the biggest year of my life. I’ve learned and grown so much words can not describe. I feel I’ve grown so much from this time last year, I don’t even feel like the same person I was last year. It’s both good in bad in both ways I guess. Life and school are not going be easy and you’re going to be faced but some of the biggest obstacles you’ve ever faced. It’s ok if you mess up here and there because we learn from our mistakes, and only makes us better people in the long run. We are going to want things, but many of those things we aren’t going to get. This year I thought I’d potentially maybe meet a boyfriend. Instead I got a best friend who is amazing and wouldn’t change that for anything. I also thought I wasn’t going to take voice and learn to belt. The world works in funny ways sometimes, but it also works in horrid cruel ways. School wasn’t easy and brought lots of tress into me. Along with the stress from school, my parents and their marriage brought on even more stress. But like I said before the world works in funny and horrid ways. We find ways to help ourselves. Surround ourselves with people we love; friends, family, and even dogs. Push ourselves in activities we have passion for and love to do, and later find a reward the end. All of these things I’ve learned this year and I feel I’ve become a better stronger person. I know I’m not through learning and understanding life, and know I’ll only be faced with only more. The biggest thing I’ve learned this year that feels great is knowing people love me and are there for me, but also we aren’t going to get what we want without working your ass off, and sometimes the things we want we’ll never get. Remember that.

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