Did you know you can sync your iPhone without it being connected to your Mac? I just realized this. My music just magically showed up on my iPhone… 

I’m getting a new iPhone soon and I don’t know which color to get? I have a black one right now and I’ve had it for almost 3 years. A part of me wants to get a white one because it’s a nice change and I like white, but another part wants me to stay sleek and get another black one. Help?

When I’m tired and lazy I Tumblr off my Macbook and iPhone. When I’m more energized I Tumblr off my iMac. Life is too hard. 

What the fuck iPhone. You’ve restarted yourself 4 times today. I’m pretty sure I haven’t received any texts from people, and my home button isn’t working again (surprise). What the fuck? 

My iPhone is taking FOREVER to update. Ughh it’s been almost 2 hours. And my internet connection is SO strong. It’s done downloading, but it’s taking FOREVER to restart and all the business. I need to text people! 

Today I ordered this case for me and Jake. 
Do you guys like it? 

Today I ordered this case for me and Jake. 

Do you guys like it? 

I need a new iPhone. My home button isn’t working and it is pissing me OFF!

Fuck this! 

Just added a new member to the family!

An iMac!

I’m now officially a father to a iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and now a iMac!

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