Drive-thru bar broken✔️
Pastry freezer broken✔️
Blender broken✔️
RTD&E case broken✔️
Extremely busy, understaffed, and angry costumers. Priceless.

Fuck that shift. I was stuck in the fitting rooms for five and a half hours. It was so slow my manager made me clean the baseboards of all the fitting rooms. She said she has never seen anyone clean them over the 6 years she’s been there… I’m so happy I only have two weeks left in the world of retail of folding clothes. 

Now we just have the memories and thoughts. It’s done. It’s will be over soon. I really don’t understand people and their actions towards others. You’ve hurt me, and lied to me. I’m over you finally and have no feelings towards you. I’m done. We had some good times, but now those are over. Goodbye.

Work is almost over.

I just have today’s 8 hour shift. Then I have tomorrow’s 8 hour shift then I am done with this 40 hour week! 40 hours in 5 days was a lot. If I don’t take a 45 minute lunch today too I can go into over time… Lets get this week over with and get my check!

Worst Monday in a long time

I’m late to work, my fucking DM (District Manager) is here, I start ringing people up I come back to register 10 minutes later there’s money on the floor… My register is now under $30 what the fuck, shipment in now here… We didn’t know it was coming today… I’m tired and fucked. Two of our workers aren’t here too because they got in a car crash on the way to work. I haven’t had a day off since last Wednesday. Fuck me now. Back to work.

So today my car FINALLY got stolen…

Fuck you fucking ass wipes.

While I’m at work: Steal my car, totally rip out and break my ignition, break my window, throw your fucking trash in my car, destroy my car trying to find my valuables (which I have none), and take my car ditch it in a mall parking lot 50 miles away, leave it running for 4 hours, then steal another car in the parking lot. FUCKING ASS FUCK HOLES! 


While I was at work today I had to call 911 and report my car stolen… I talked to 6 police officers and what not. My car was like 5 counties away… Then finally a police officer came into my store and had to talk to me/take all my information. That was actually fun in a weird way…

Tomorrow I’m going car shopping. Right now I don’t really care if I have car payments, as long as I have a car that isn’t getting broken into…

It’s been a fucking awful week. Honestly, what the hell did I do to deserve this? I’m going to bed.

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