Oh look at Ann! Isn’t she just adorable and just fantastic?!?

Ookkkk so first this guy complemented on my picture on Grindr which like never, ever happens. He then asks me about musical theatre things which again like NEVER happens. Now I find out he’s into cooking and baking. He’s also NOT looking to hookup. Wow. This boy is like perfect. He’s also super adorable. I say there is a God. I must meet him and go on a date! Good thing I’m going to Seattle tomorrow! 

I will soon be going on a date with a very cute boy who likes theatre, singing, choir, and the arts. 

Last night in Boston

I’m going to miss the offers for blowjobs every night.

Apparently I’m considered “cute” over here to many people…

Every time I’d log into Grindr I’d have up to 5 messages from people asking to hook up or just to let them blow me. 

I will miss this. 

Ugh I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet Brendan! If not it’s going to be really shitty. 

What is it like to be attractive, cute, hot, pretty, or sexy in the world? 

Does it make you feel good about yourself? Or does it just give a fucking large head about yourself? 

I now know Jake Tumbls while pooping.

Peter Fact: I hate cats. I do however enjoy cat pictures.

I have recently come in contact with a cat I like. Her name is Lerya. She’s my voice teachers cat. She is the type of cat people aren’t allergic to. I myself am allergic to cats, but not to this one! I never say this about cats but she’s really cute, and nice. Isn’t she adorable?! 

This is so sweet! Gahhh, I hope someday I can have this. 




This is way cuter than the pervy shit I usually post, but it’s still boner-ific.

This is literally the greatest thing ever ever ever ever ever.

Cue depression. 

Compared to this. I’m forever alone.

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