So far today I’ve had an amazing voice lesson, amazing. I worked with more vibration stuff and oddly enough, freeing my jaw. I also went with Ann to her voice lesson and got to watch Charles (master of the voice) work with her, and stuff for her callbacks. Now it’s into downtown with Selena to hang out then to see Little Shop of Horrors tonight at ACT.

I am finally home. I pooped. I feel a lot better, I’m about to eat my Thai food, and then I’m taking a nap. And then I’m going to another store and working their happy hour.

Life update

My new job: I start my new job at Starbucks on Monday and I never been more excited to start a new job. My manager Matthew is awesome. I’ve known him for just about a year just from working at my old job (he was the store manager at the Starbucks at the outlets where I use to work) now he is the store manager where I’m starting. He is so professional yet at the same time very personable and just a nice guy. He actually managed the original Starbucks in Seattle at Pike for a couple years. I find that to be really cool. From the baristas I’ve met they’re all really awesome. Every person I met shook my hand and could actually hold a conversation. I’m so happy to be done working at the outlets. I hope I’ll be much happier in life in general. I won’t be having a 30 minute commute to work. I can get to my work in 5 minutes from my house. I’ll be saving so much money in gas. I also won’t be dealing with Canadians, CanAsians, or CanIndians treating me like shit. I’ll still get them, but I’ll only have to deal with them for no more than 5 minutes. And working at Starbucks I’ll be getting tips. I mean they won’t be what waiter gets, but I’ll be making $1.00 to $2.00 extra an hour. I’m ready for this change I can feel it’s going to be awesome. Just a couple more days.

My voice: I can feel it. My voice and belt is finally back to normal. After multiple visits to Bellevue to see one of the best ENT doctors. I finally found the problem. Mainly it was allergies. I’m on a couple different medicines and they are working great. I have all my resonance back and I can mix like a pro again. Never again will I take my belt and voice for granted. I’m ready to start lessons with Ann again too. It has been months since I’ve last had a lesson. But from not belting for awhile I’ve needed to do a little studying on breath. Gotta learn to use all those muscles again. It’s weird. Not singing for a couple months you forget to use all of those muscles. You really realize it takes so much energy and so much of your whole body to create those tones and sounds. When you’re done it feels as if you did a mini core workout with some squats. Here I also express how excited I am to have my voice back. It has been months since I’ve been able to sing and belt like this. It is so rewarding to able to do it again. Thanks to Ann and Dr. Seely for helping me get through it.

My show: This part of my life right now, and only this part isn’t so great. As many of you have asked what show I’m in. Currently I’m in The Producers playing Carmen Ghia. Or the really flaming gay assistant to Roger. I’ve been in rehearsals for over two months and I am getting so frustrated. You don’t need that long of a rehearsal period. Yes it is a big show, but really. That is way too long. My cast doesn’t really give a shit about the show either. Mostly only the principles do. What is most frustrating for me is the other cast members. While most of them have pretty great voices they just aren’t using them. Or they are but in the wrong way. I’m the only person who is “actually” trained in belt. So not meaning to I over sing and out sing the entire cast all by myself. I’ve tried to tone it down and do a softer belt, but it just doesn’t work where the music sits in my voice. The show is pretty high for most guys, but because my voice is weird it sits almost in my perfect belt/mix range. The high C5’s I get to hit and B4’s I get however sit perfectly in my belt. I hit them and my voice literally fills the whole room. I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging but my voice is just so naturally bright and extremely pingy it cuts through everyone. Sometimes people will look at me and give me a dirty look like “Stop showing off. We get it.” I don’t mean too guys. It’s just my voice and the training I’ve had. Other than that this show needs to get going. I’m hoping moving into the theatre in almost a week will really help us out. It has so much potential to be a great production. I hope it all comes through in the end. Time will tell.

Well thats it for now. If you’ve read this I thank you. I’m really happy where this is year is headed and I hope it stays the way it’s going because I’m actually really happy. I hope everyone is having a fantastic Friday. Peace.

My iPhone is taking FOREVER to update. Ughh it’s been almost 2 hours. And my internet connection is SO strong. It’s done downloading, but it’s taking FOREVER to restart and all the business. I need to text people! 

What is this? 12 hours? It has NEVER taken this long…..

Should I restart it? 

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