Going to see Tony. This should be interesting… 


Today. It started out so well. Like so well. 

I spent the night at Tony’s house due to snowing and not wanting to drive in it at night. We cuddled all night and it was amazing. We only got 4 hours of sleep though. We woke up cuddled some more. He got in the shower got dressed while I was still in bed. We had coffee, talked, and got ready to take him to the train station. We walk outside and it’s dumping snow. Like dumping. The ground probably had an soft inch on it and it was getting taller. We get in my car. I start to pull out of the parking lot and that is when the day turned to shit. 

I pull out and all of a sudden my car starts spinning and I can’t stop it. We are headed straight towards a brand new BMW. I tap my breaks nothing. We aren’t stopping. We are just zooming straight towards this car. My last effort I pull my emergency brake. By the grace of God we stop with 2 inches to spare before hitting this BMW. 

I’m a really prepared person so I go into my trunk and grab my kitty litter. I lay down kitty litter all over my wheels and scrape the snow off the road lay as much down as I can. We get back in car and somehow again by God or whoevers magical powers I pull out and not smash the BMW. We make it down his hill to the road without hitting a car. 

I’m feeling good. We are now on this very large hill that hasn’t been plowed and is just snow and ice. I’m driving on the side of the road in the grass and fresh powder for traction. Then all of a sudden my car starts swerving and we are about to go off a quite large embankment into a ditch. Magically again I stop. My car is sideways with 4 feet until I’m going over this little cliff into a ditch. I get out of the car and I’m freaking out. It’s 8:25 and Tony’s train was leaving at 8:45. He tried to calm me. I calmed down and he called his friend Lexi. She was asleep and not at her house. She came and tried to save us. But before she got there these really amazing nice people came and helped us out. I again somehow managed to get my car down this huge fucking hill without getting Tony or I hurt. We drive to his Starbuck parking lot and it’s 8:50. He missed his train. I felt so bad. But somehow he was totally chill it didn’t bother him. 

We decided we’d try to let the snow melt. So Lexi our savor drove us to brunch in her safe and stable Honda CRV. We had an awesome brunch and talked. The snow wasn’t letting up, but the main roads were pretty clear. We deiced I should be fine. I said bye to Tony for the week and gratefully thanked Lexi. Tony was still really chill and awesome. It sucked saying bye but we both had to go. 

The drive home was the worst ever. It was snowing so hard. It was windy and my tires were not having it. I was scared the whole way. It took me 45 minutes when it should take 20. It was awful. I get home and I am so tired. I had to be at work in 4 hours so I took a three hour nap. I wake up at 4:15 with 15 minutes to get ready. I didn’t shower and looked like shit. As we say at work, YOLO. 

I’m at work and somehow it’s going well. I’m on my break and I get a text from a friend saying she’s canceling on tomorrow plans. In which they have been planned for almost 2 months. I get fucking pissed. Pissed. I am still fucking pissed. I am so mad right now. Today has just been fucking shit. It started so well and I was so ready for it to be a good day. Nope. Didn’t happen. I think it’s time for bed. But I wish you people all had better days then I did. And I wish you all great days tomorrow. But I wish too you all drive safe. I say goodnight now. 

I would love to see him win Best Actor in a Musical this year. 

Bertie Carvel as Miss Trunchbull in Matilida The Musical 

I’m listening to tonights first preview of Matilda and all I have to say is wow. Brava. The energy is so high, it’s clean, fresh, and so on. I really hope the show wins some Tony’s. 

Elena Roger as Evita has grown SO MUCH!

She’s is a million times better if not more then her run in London. Her voice has gotten SO MUCH stronger and powerful, and her accent is still there but as heavy. She has also added so much emotion to her songs and acting it’s unbelievable! I hope she wins to Tony! GO Elena!!! 

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