I have a problem with buying shoes… It’s becoming bad. I never thought I’d love shoes so much.

These $300+ hand made in Italy boots I got for like $60 are the best pair of shoes I’ve ever bought. I wouldn’t call them comfortable, but the support and hold they have is amazing. I can work an 8 hour shift and my feet won’t hurt. Gahhh they’re amazing. Plus they add almost 3 inches to me. It’s fun being this tall. They almost feel like a men’s character shoe or something. Just tight, super supportive with a slight heel. If you ever get a chance to buy really nice quality shoes. DO IT! You won’t regret it. 

I just bought new shoes!

So I got two pairs of Johnston & Murphy shoes for only $113! When one pair costs $130! One of my old managers works there now and hooked me uppp! So happy right now.

I shall be buying these today. 

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