Is anyone else deeply disappointed with Erin Davie and Emily Padgett singing Who Will Love Me Tomorrow? I know of course with any show a revival will be different, but really ladies. Give us a little more heft and belt. A little head light mix isn’t enjoyable for my listening. Other thoughts?

This is by far the best recording of Miss Saigon to date. It was recorded live between 2011 and 2012 during a limited 6 month run in Netherlands. 

Please listen to the best recording of Miss Saigon, and possibly the best opening numbers to a musical. 

A few things: Being recorded live it captures the energy of the show so well. Just in the few first cords in the Overture, you can hear the energy in the orchestra. Speaking of orchestra. Oh my god. Do you hear them? Amazing. It’s so big, full, and brassy. If they don’t grab your attention or if you don’t think this Overture isn’t possibly the best openings for a show you’re crazy. Also the energy in the cast is top-notch. Just in the few parts of the Overture you really get an idea of what is going on, even though it’s in a different language. You can feel it. And as I’ve said it before foreign countries produce some great musical theatre and orchestra. Here is just more proof. Enjoy! 


Joy Hermalyn as Fruma Sarah in the 2004 Revival Cast Recording of Fiddler on the Roof

Talk about technique. Joy Hermalyn has it. Listen to her natural “old style Belt/legit Belt” happening in this. It is beautiful. I’m obsessed. Her voice and Belt is so thick and meaty. Sadly, it is something we don’t get to hear too often these days. She also flips stunningly and gets this wonderful lyric tone to her. For the technique side of her voice listen to how well "NIGHT" is Belted, I would say. It has a slight mix to it, but I’d call it a “true” Belt. It’s stunning. You can imagine the smile and all the teeth showing she’s using to get the placement and sound of it. And the spin on it. WOW. It sounds like no effort is being used at all. Brava. I’m obsessed all over with her and her voice. Sadly I can’t find more recordings of her in anything. But really, what a beautiful Belt she has. Why can’t more people have this sound and tone to them these days?

Alice Ripley in the 2001 Revival Cast Recording of The Rocky Horror Show. 

Alice was in her prime here and she sounds absolutely amazing. Her belt is so strong and her mix towards the end of “Touch A Touch A Touch Me” is unbelievable. So great. What happened?

If you don’t have this Cast Recording go get it. You won’t regret it. Everyone on it is amazing.  

I have pulled the 2001 Revival Cast Recording of Rocky Horror out after not listening to it for about 5 years. My God. What a fantastic cast recording and what a strong cast. Alice Ripley was in her prime and had such a wonderful belt and mix. Raúl Esparza’s belt is nothing you’ve ever heard before. And I absolutely love Daphne Rubin-Vega in this show. Absolutely fantastic show and cast recording. 

This proves Christina DeCicco is the best women ever to play Evita. She makes the score sound so easy, and makes it truly soar. From an audio you can hear and imagine her acting as if you were seeing it. And the intensity and power she brings is one of no other of the current time. She is truly a one of a kind (she is belting well more like power mixing the shit out of those high Es, Fs, & Gs like they’re noting) she really doesn’t have enough credit in her name. By far the best and my favorite Evita. 

Annie New Broadway Revival Cast Recording

It’s big brassy and bright. I’m really loving it. And the mixing is amazing. Finally a decent cast recording of the show. And it really doesn’t have any auto-tune. 

I am obsessed with Katie Finneran’s belt. It’s bright, brassy, and obnoxious as hell, but at the same time amazing. I love it. 

And I love the brass section. SO brassy and big. Brilliant really. 

As for the kids I love that they’re practically screaming, screeching and yelling the whole score. Vocal damage. Never. They’re still young. They’ll recover fast. Fantastic. 

Overall I love it. 

The part I don’t like are the bonus tracks featuring Jane Lynch. I love Jane, but her voice isn’t Broadway material. Great actress though.

Make sure to check the Cast Recording out on May 28 on iTunes, or if you’re in New York go pick a copy up at the Palace Theatre. 

Like right? Isn’t this just BRILLIANT? I love it so much. 

Buy the Cast Album this coming Tuesday on iTunes. 

Can we talk about the key changes at the end of ‘Stepsister’s Lament’ on the New Cinderella Cast Recording. They are brilliant. We go up once, you think we’re done but oh no. We get another one. And then at the end you get Ann Harada taking it an octave up. And Marla Mindelle just coming through everyone else in the “what’s the matter with a man?” It’s all so brilliant. I’m in love. 

Really though. The new orchestrations for Cinderella and Laura and Victoria. Brilliant. Great Cast Recording. So happy with it. 

Look how stunning Christina looks as Eva. I can’t wait to watch this. 

Playbill Store

Does anyone know how t-shirts fit from the Playbill store online? I’m buying an Evita t-shirt and I’m wondering if anyone knows if they run big or small? Some places I wear medium t-shirts, other places I have to get a large… Anyone know or can help? Thanks! 

Evita Broadway Revival 2012

This picture captures so much: Energy, the set, the lights, just everything. 

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