I bought a Magic Trackpad tonight for my iMac. I thought I’d love it but it’s kinda annoying and it’s hurting my wrist. Am I doing something wrong or is this common? Does anyone have experience with them? 

I’m trying to upload the recording I made from my show to Garageband to track it and post it here, it finishes converting, but then says “empty”. Anyone know how to fix that or what’s going on? I want to post it. 

When I’m tired and lazy I Tumblr off my Macbook and iPhone. When I’m more energized I Tumblr off my iMac. Life is too hard. 

My new screensaver for my iMac! I finally got the clock! 

Has anyone upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion? I’m debating if I should upgrade or not… Is it worth it or is it that much different? 

WHY IS MY MACBOOK FREAKING OUT ON YOUTUBE! EVERY TIME I WATCH A VIDEO WITH SAFARI IT QUITS AND BECOMES A BITCH! My iMac doesn’t do this! This could be the fact my MacBook is going on 5 years old…. Help anyone? 

What is this? 12 hours? It has NEVER taken this long…..

Should I restart it? 

Just added a new member to the family!

An iMac!

I’m now officially a father to a iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and now a iMac!

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