I’m watching the Evita revival right now and during Rainbow High one of Elena’s earrings falls off… She played it so well! She just looks at one of her maids and is like “what the fuck? Pick it up bitch.” Then she takes the other one off and hands it to the maid and then shoos her away. Brilliant! Such a bitch though. 

The New Broadway Cast Recording of Evita, not bad… Elena can’t belt like Patti, but I’m happy to have a FULL cast recording! The Revival Cast Recording is SO rocky I love it! If only I could belt out ‘A New Argentina’ right now, or ‘Buenos Aires’…

Buenos Aires, Evita: 2012 Broadway Revival Cast Recording 

Guys am I the only one who thinks this sounds like shit? The orchestra sounds so fake, Elena’s voice just isn’t there, and Ricky Martin’s acting talking bit is God awful. I’m so unimpressed. Andd at the end do you hear the gravel shit in her voice?!? Really? That can’t be good…… 

I’m pretty sure the 2012 Cast Recording of Evita uses a computer synthesized orchestra. It sounds like shit. I am so disappointed. I just hope this promo release isn’t fully mixed yet….


Short little review on the Evita Revival.  It sounds like it literally HURTS!  I uploaded the audio at the end too.  


Elena Roger as Evita has grown SO MUCH!

She’s is a million times better if not more then her run in London. Her voice has gotten SO MUCH stronger and powerful, and her accent is still there but as heavy. She has also added so much emotion to her songs and acting it’s unbelievable! I hope she wins to Tony! GO Elena!!! 

Dear lord it’s here and open! 

Evita 2012 Broadway Revival!

It looks fucking amazing! 

Free Evita Revival Tickets! (Maybe)

I had a voice lesson today and my voice teacher has seen all my posts about Evita on my Facebook. Last night I posted “can someone please buy me a Evita ticket? PLEASE?!?” I walk into my voice lesson and she said “I saw your post on Facebook and I can’t buy you tickets to New York, but I can get you tickets to Evita! One of my best friends is playing Evita’s Mother.” My jaw practically dropped to the floor! I HAVE TO GO TO NEW YORK NOW!!! Maybe she can even get my backstage too?!?!? The joys of having a fucking awesome voice teacher! 

All I hear is Sweeney Todd in Evita when Michael Cerveris sings. It’s really off putting. I just don’t understand the casting…  Justin (Telsey CSA guy who helped cast the Revival) said the casting is great and it took them forever. Really? It could be better I think. Rachel Potter sounds amazing though! 

Where the fuck are the Evita Revival audio boots?!?!

It’s been OVER a week since they started previews! Come on, please show up. I need to hear this cast! Theatre Gods help me out! C :

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