Beautiful Cast Recording

Ok, so it’s really, really, great and I love it. However it was mastered and mixed really strange. The sound is overall really flat. It almost sounds compressed and narrow. And almost too clean sounding. Also the ensemble sounds very thin, narrowed, and artificial in the back. Most cast recordings have an “open” sound to them (not as much as older ones) but this one doesn’t sadly. I’m guessing it was mastered and mixed for a popularity of awful iPhone earbuds or cheap sound-docks. Not for large stereos or high quality earphones. Or mixed for more of a “rock/pop” sound due to the fact it is that type of show. May I say though I’m very happy there is basically no auto-tune on this cast album. While most of the vocals don’t sound “raw” they definitely don’t sound fake. Praise. The whole cast sounds fantastic though. High energy and up-beat music. I’m so happy this show and cast got captured forever. Thank you Sh-K-Boom. I can not say enough about Ghostlight (Sh-K-Boom Records) on their cast albums. They are recording a large majority of shows and producing fantastic work. I’ve bought their cast albums for years and never are disappointed. Their prices are great and it’s free shipping in the US! Go and buy the Beautiful Cast Recording and other cast recording to support them! 

The Original Broadway Cast of Beautiful is on iTunes!

OH MY GOD! FINALLY! Jessie Mueller. So good. Thank you. 

Alice Ripley in the 2001 Revival Cast Recording of The Rocky Horror Show. 

Alice was in her prime here and she sounds absolutely amazing. Her belt is so strong and her mix towards the end of “Touch A Touch A Touch Me” is unbelievable. So great. What happened?

If you don’t have this Cast Recording go get it. You won’t regret it. Everyone on it is amazing.  

I have pulled the 2001 Revival Cast Recording of Rocky Horror out after not listening to it for about 5 years. My God. What a fantastic cast recording and what a strong cast. Alice Ripley was in her prime and had such a wonderful belt and mix. Raúl Esparza’s belt is nothing you’ve ever heard before. And I absolutely love Daphne Rubin-Vega in this show. Absolutely fantastic show and cast recording. 

Has anyone been able to find a digital download of Big Fish Original Broadway Cast Recording? It was supposed to be digitally-relased today (February 7, 2014) but I can’t seem it find it anywhere. Anyone know where I can buy it? 

I’m really happy the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Matilda isn’t auto-tuned. It sounds really raw and natural. So refreshing and nice. 

I’m really liking the Original Broadway Cast Recording of Matilda. The new orchestrations and the little changes I like. Good stuff.

Just pre-orded The Last 5 Years 2013 Off-Broadway Cast Recording along with the 2011 Premier Cast Recording of Carrie. I’m quite excited for both. And got both of them along with shipping (free) for $29. Sh-k-boom (Ghost light Records) is the way to go. Fully supporting Cast Albums and buying from their original makers. 

I’m listening to samples of the 2013 Off-Broadway Cast Recording of The Last 5 Years and it sounds like they’ve auto-tuned it. REALLY? FUCKING REALLY? It hurts my soul. It really does. FUCK. I’m so mad. 

I’ve had the Kinky Boots Cast Recording for about 3 weeks now and I still don’t see why everyone loves it. I can’t get into. It’s just ehhhh. 

Annie New Broadway Revival Cast Recording

It’s big brassy and bright. I’m really loving it. And the mixing is amazing. Finally a decent cast recording of the show. And it really doesn’t have any auto-tune. 

I am obsessed with Katie Finneran’s belt. It’s bright, brassy, and obnoxious as hell, but at the same time amazing. I love it. 

And I love the brass section. SO brassy and big. Brilliant really. 

As for the kids I love that they’re practically screaming, screeching and yelling the whole score. Vocal damage. Never. They’re still young. They’ll recover fast. Fantastic. 

Overall I love it. 

The part I don’t like are the bonus tracks featuring Jane Lynch. I love Jane, but her voice isn’t Broadway material. Great actress though.

Make sure to check the Cast Recording out on May 28 on iTunes, or if you’re in New York go pick a copy up at the Palace Theatre. 

Like right? Isn’t this just BRILLIANT? I love it so much. 

Buy the Cast Album this coming Tuesday on iTunes. 

Can we talk about the key changes at the end of ‘Stepsister’s Lament’ on the New Cinderella Cast Recording. They are brilliant. We go up once, you think we’re done but oh no. We get another one. And then at the end you get Ann Harada taking it an octave up. And Marla Mindelle just coming through everyone else in the “what’s the matter with a man?” It’s all so brilliant. I’m in love. 

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