OMG! The Addams Family is so gooood! OMG! I’m coming back!

My .59 cent cast recording of Evita: The 1989 World Tour Recording came today! Only took 6 days from Germany and only paid $2.50 for shipping! There is also not a single scratch or finger print on the CD! SCORE! I’m so happy right now! C:

I TOTALLY forgot yesterday marked my one year anniversary of seeing, The National Tour of 9 to 5! And it also marked my first time meeting Mamie Parris.

People give my shit for saying 9 to 5 was one of the best musicals I’ve ever seen, but I don’t give a fuck. I have to say out of all the shows I’ve seen, the 9 to 5 cast was fucking unbelievable. Honestly, they were better than the Original Broadway Cast. My favorite types of shows are the ones you walk in, and immediately get transported to “their” time, and just have a total blast laughing! Let alone get chills from literally every song in the show. If you don’t know 9 to 5 I highly recommend checking it out. The Original Broadway Cast Recording is great, but not as good as the tour. If you want to hear the tour send me a message (I have my masters, and also a couple other audios and videos). 9 to 5 come back! 

Dear lord it’s here and open! 

Evita 2012 Broadway Revival!

It looks fucking amazing! 

Shure SE425’s!

UPS just dropped off my SE425s and they are beyond amazing!

Listening I can hear; the orchestra turn their sheet music, little movements/shuffles from the singers, I can also hear when a mic is getting turned on and off. They’re by far best earphone I’ve had/listened too! Take a look at them! 

Ohh I also forgot to mention they’re sound isolating. My sister is vacuuming right next to me. Nope, can’t hear the vacuuming. My SCL4 weren’t this good. HAHA!  

I love spending the night at millionaires houses

My friend is house sitting for millionaires and I’m spending the night with her. This house is fucking amazing! Oh my God! It’s right on a lake and it’s huge! I’m in love.

A Christmas Story!: The Musical Cast Recording!

I bet your first thoughts when hear “A Christmas Story! The Musical!” is it must suck! Well I’m here to tell you it doesn’t! Justin Paul and Benji Pasek wrote one hell of a score! Its fresh, new, and super fun. If you for some reason don’t like the music you’ll certainly love the cast! Mostly all Seattle based actors that can actually belt! Including 11 year old Clarke Hallum who plays Ralphie. You’d NEVER guess this is his first show! It’s taken almost a full year to release the CD, but it was well worth the wait! Gahhhh it’s amazing!

Take a listen and let me know your thoughts! C :

If you didn’t all ready know I fucking love musical theatre! Being that I love musical theatre I try to collect as many cast albums as possible! This week I added my fourth cast recording of Sister Act the Musical! To my collection! As I said before I try to collect as many albums as possible so that means I collect recordings in different languages. Take a listen to the 2011 Live Original Veienna Cast recording of Sister Act The Musical! Out of the three recordings of Sister Act I have this one is the BEST! The orchestra is fucking brilliant, every single nun can belt, and the orchestrations are mind blowing! Anddd there is the best key change you’ll ever hear in Spread The Love Around! Enjoy! 

2011 Live Original Veienna Cast recording of Sister Act The Musical!

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