I am so ready to move out and start life. I hate where I live. I barely have any friends and pretty much do nothing except work and do things related to musicals. I’m so ready to go out and meet new people, move to some city, audition, and work my ass off in some random job. I feel so unappreciated/welcome by everyone I hate it. I try to talk to people, and they just don’t give a fuck about me really. Honestly. I’m ready to move on and leave all of this behind and forget about it for a long time. Here’s for hoping to move out within the next year and meeting new people that change my life. You all suck here, you really do. 

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  1. itsallsoweird said: :/ I hope you do/find something that makes you happy, soon Peter. I really do. Message me if you want someone to listen - I’m here for you (well, as much as a person on the webs can be…)
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