Today Marked One Year Since I Graduated High School

This past year has been the biggest year of my life. I’ve learned and grown so much words can not describe. I feel I’ve grown so much from this time last year, I don’t even feel like the same person I was last year. It’s both good in bad in both ways I guess. Life and school are not going be easy and you’re going to be faced but some of the biggest obstacles you’ve ever faced. It’s ok if you mess up here and there because we learn from our mistakes, and only makes us better people in the long run. We are going to want things, but many of those things we aren’t going to get. This year I thought I’d potentially maybe meet a boyfriend. Instead I got a best friend who is amazing and wouldn’t change that for anything. I also thought I wasn’t going to take voice and learn to belt. The world works in funny ways sometimes, but it also works in horrid cruel ways. School wasn’t easy and brought lots of tress into me. Along with the stress from school, my parents and their marriage brought on even more stress. But like I said before the world works in funny and horrid ways. We find ways to help ourselves. Surround ourselves with people we love; friends, family, and even dogs. Push ourselves in activities we have passion for and love to do, and later find a reward the end. All of these things I’ve learned this year and I feel I’ve become a better stronger person. I know I’m not through learning and understanding life, and know I’ll only be faced with only more. The biggest thing I’ve learned this year that feels great is knowing people love me and are there for me, but also we aren’t going to get what we want without working your ass off, and sometimes the things we want we’ll never get. Remember that.

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