I took two melatonin lazy night. I haven’t been knocked out and slept that well for a long time.

So this morning Ann (my voice teacher) and I looked at apartments in Seattle. Most studios start around $800+ a month. Good thing I make a little more than minimum wage working at Starbucks. Totally have this. No, no, not a fucking chance. Whyyy. 

Off to Seattle to chat and have coffee with Ann for an hour, then we belt.

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After that almost 9 hour shift it is my weekend.

Ok, we know I despise and am not a fan of Wicked, but this video is educational.

I’m going to use the words body and grounded

A current “sound” in a Belt I’ve been hearing on Broadway these days I think is an un-bodied Belt. Granted, not everyone has this “sound” but I’ve heard it enough, and more students, and “Broadway bound youngsters” are achieving this “style” and sounding this way. The sound is a Belt that rests mainly in the “mask” you could say, and doesn’t have any to much body to it, and the sound doesn’t sound as grounded and full as it potentially could. It just kind of sits in a mixy area that is super forward, bittey, and thin.

Examples of this sound would be: A lot of Sutton Foster’s work however never in lower Belt. Laura Osnes, Sherie Rene Scott, and Betsy Wolfe to name a few. I’m not saying they always sound like this, but to understand what I’m talking about they are names that will come up if Googles. Before I get hate I am not dissing them. I am not saying they’re bad, I’m using them as an example. 

I was scrolling through my iTunes tonight and came across an audio of Wicked that I only had three songs from. I Googled the date of the audio  and found Carrie Manolakos was the Elphaba. Take listen to Carrie who has such a beautiful rich, full body, and grounded Belt. Notice her sound compared to other Elphaba’s.

A few things I am obsessed with in her Belt are:

  • The fully bodied sound she has on sustained notes
  • The “thick” sounding vibrato on the last note
  • The grounded “tone” on the word “felt” at 0:15-0:16
  • The pure “E” vowel with the grounded and full body sound on the word “team” at 0:38 
  • And the final note on “I” towards the end at 0:50 where she demonstrates everything I’m talking about 

Please notice I never used the word pressure to describe anything. But I used the words grounded and body. 

I wish this was a more common sound we heard with more Elphaba’s and current people Belting their faces off. I understand not everyone’s voice is going to sound like this, but wouldn’t you rather hear/listening to a voice similar verse listen to a wimpy obnoxious mix?

I was going to stop here… but I realized I’d probably get questions on how do I get a Belt and sound like that? I’m going to try and make this short and understandable. 

Key words: body, grounded, tongue, space, free, relaxed, and connected

As common sense the only way you can ever get a healthy, full, and powerful Belt is when you are grounded. Where are you going to get the energy you need if you aren’t grounded and connected in your body? No where. We start there. 

The next step is the tongue. Overlooked and skipped the tongue plays a huge part. The tongue is muscle that is connected to the pharynx and larynx. What happens when the tongue isn’t relaxed and resting gently in your mouth? It’s probably causing tension, which is adding unneeded pressure to your voice. You should be able to hold your tongue out and down and sing, or vocalize up and down through your passaggio. It shouldn’t fight to stay out, or move backwards. Achieving this will allow everything to be free. Not only will it allow everything to be free, but while holding your tongue and vocalizing it will force you to create space and let the sound do what it wants to do. 

For now that’s a start. I didn’t expect this post to turn into what it has. Hopefully you can get some ideas from this and understand what I’m talking about. There’s a lot of rambling, info, and concepts to take in. I didn’t go into full detail on a lot because I wasn’t expecting to write this. And I’m tired so instead I rambled and talk about a lot of things. If you have questions gladly ask away! Or if you enjoyed this ramble let me know so I can do more. For now, enjoy. 

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I’m at a party and some drunk guy and his friends back up straight into my car and hit it. Mind you my car has been stollen and broken into multiple times. There’s a small little dent and some missing paint. Nothing major or that I really care about. To call it good he gave me $300 in cash. Hello plane ticket to Denver. 


how do people have relationship after relationship like i can’t find a single person to find me remotely attractive for a solid second

i believe || cj eldred || book of mormon - [first national tour, philadelphia - 8.31.2014e] (chad’s elder cunningham debut).


I want to make on post about technique with pressure verse grounding. I don’t have the brain power tonight, but keep your eyes open. 

Desert my homemade whoopie pies

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