You guys I’m shaving my beard tonight.

I’m done with it. It will be gone in a few moments. It’s been a good 3 months. Peace. 

New followers!

Where all did you come from?  Welcome to my blog. Hi, I’m Peter. Thank you for following. Prepare for half naked men, lots of Broadway related things, and text posts on Belt and vocal technique. 


me after i show my parents my grades



Fallen tree bridges.

saintbad & redwingheritage

mens shoes swoonage

Earphones are packed and ready to be shipped out in the morning. I don’t want to spend the $170 to replace them, but it’s cheaper than being a new pair at $300 plus. It’s time they’ve been broken for almost three months now. 


Joy Hermalyn as Fruma Sarah in the 2004 Revival Cast Recording of Fiddler on the Roof

Talk about technique. Joy Hermalyn has it. Listen to her natural “old style Belt/legit Belt” happening in this. It is beautiful. I’m obsessed. Her voice and Belt is so thick and meaty. Sadly, it is something we don’t get to hear too often these days. She also flips stunningly and gets this wonderful lyric tone to her. For the technique side of her voice listen to how well "NIGHT" is Belted, I would say. It has a slight mix to it, but I’d call it a “true” Belt. It’s stunning. You can imagine the smile and all the teeth showing she’s using to get the placement and sound of it. And the spin on it. WOW. It sounds like no effort is being used at all. Brava. I’m obsessed all over with her and her voice. Sadly I can’t find more recordings of her in anything. But really, what a beautiful Belt she has. Why can’t more people have this sound and tone to them these days?

This is why I love the 5th Avenue Theatre. The work created here is absolutely amazing. I’m so lucky to be able to attend every show here and to experience the quality of what goes on. Honestly, only the best of the best, right here in Seattle. 

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