After sleeping 13 hours I’m feeling great. I literally hadn’t slept since I woke up Monday morning. Now it’s sadly back to real life.Ā 

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To the giant moth and decided to creep up on me on the plane and scare the shit out of me. Fuck you. To the person who passed out behind me and to whoever screamed and yelled. There was no need. They were fine.

See you later Boston and the East Coast. It’s been good and fast. Let’s get this flight going. See you soon Washington.

Goodbye New York

It’s been amazing and I’m speechless. I can’t thank Cameron enough for such an amazing time and for being so kind and generous. Thank you Cameron. We started as mutual followers. Now we’re friends. I’m sad to leave, but there will be a next time. Goodbye for now.

A little late but I made it

I’m in New York City! I made it. I’m all alone in the city.

I have purposely starved and dehydrated myself for this bus ride. New York, I’ll see you in four hours.

Iā€™m starving myself for tomorrow mornings bus ride.

Two days until NYC
I’m lost in Boston right now šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
See you later Washington

Of course on my last shift before vacation someone has to shit and smear it all over the walls and toilet.

Equity bathroom selfies āœŒļø

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